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My name is Dan Maurer and I want you to read my writing. I'm going to suggest Grief of an Atheist: Death and Statistics, a personal essay on dying friends. There is also Palm Sands, which is one of the newer stories here. Thanks!

Title Description Type Genre
Grief of an Atheist: Death and Statistics In Soviet Russia, death choo-choo-chooses You. In American same thing. What a country! Essay Personal
Tedium of Despair How boring is depression, really? Really god-damned boring. Essay Personal
Occupy Whatever: Rockford Federal Courthouse Edition Occupy Wall Street hits Rockford. Well, maybe just one protest. Essay Pseudo-Journalism
Aurora over Texas Flash fiction length story. I would tell you more but the story is really short. Story Horror
A Cold Front A longer horror-ish story set with terrible beings in a snow-bound Michigan town Story Horror
Celia A story I wrote before I read or even heard of Brin's Uplift series. It's about octopuses learning to write. Story Sci-Fi
Pyrite Gold! In SPACE.... Story Sci-Fi
The Quantum Archaeologist Original title: When Resurrection Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Be Resurrected. An interesting thought-experiment on resurrecting loved ones. It's not always bad. Story Sci-Fi
Something Small A short Christmas story about a gender questioning person. There are no sexy lamps included, however. Story Other
Palm Sands A short story about a man, a boat, the tides, and the futility of fighting the inevitable. Story Other
Wrong Hand of God A short parable on traditions. Story Parable
Flight of the Hippopotamus I had a form in mind as I wrote and revised it but I'll be damned if I can remember. Poem N/A
The Perils of Cuttlefish Ownership Free verse with Cephalopodic friends and parenthood. Poem N/A
On Stargazing from October Revolution Island I've always been fascinated with Arctic (and Antarctic) Islands, so I wrote this sestina about October Revolution Island North of Russia. Poem N/A
Storming the Foothills of Mt. Olympus (Parts 1, 2, and 3) These are the first parts of an epic poem I'm writing. Poem Epic Poem
The Raft A very short free verse poem. Poem N/A
Xenoglossia A long poem in 4 parts, dedicated to Robert Anton Wilson and inspired by Brueghel the Elder's Tower of Babel. Poem N/A
Books for Flowers Some free verse. Includes cats, flowers, and a bunch of books. Poem N/A
About Me Usual linkage to contact info, social media, and other projects. Other N/A